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Brand New my Days... -

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    Since it's already October 15th in Japan...

    He's my 2nd favorite character in PoT, right after Shishido :D (Next is Choutarou, then Marui, then Niou (purii~), then Momo...etc.)

    I know I didn't draw Atobe or Zuka, but...if you think about it, I can't just draw fanart for every. Single. Birthday. Now can I? I'm an 8th grader who has schoolwork to worry about.

    DeviantART link<---Please comment there if you have a DA account :3

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    Just two fanarts: One of Hiyoshi from Prince of Tennis, and one of Kiba from Naruto.

    Title: Gekokujou~ - Hiyoshi
    Rating: G

    DevArt Link

    Title: Love Me? :3
    Rating: G

    DevArt Link
    (Part of an Art Trade with one of my friends)

    Hope you like! :D

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  • 11/12/07--07:45: Shishido/Gakuto Fanart
  • I used to hate ALL "Anyone but Choutarou"/Shishido pairings...but I think I'm actually warming up to this one...strange.

    Okay, so miruchu came up with this idea, and she got the base idea from kagome_taisho. Why Shishido and Gakuto? Because we both love their relationship to this. But me...I like Shishido to be wapping Gakuto (even though I love both <333).

    DevART link if you want to know more :)

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    Forgot to post this here >.<

    This is for tainee :D

    DevART Link if you want to see it over there :)

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    3 Fanarts, all worksafe.

    From now on, I won't post fanarts individually. I'll most likely have 3-4 fanarts a post...just to save you guys from unnecessary posts ;)

    Title: What Once Was
    Features: Fuji Siblings

    DevART version

    Title: Happy Holidays from the Silver Pair
    Features: Shishido Ryou and Ohtori Choutarou

    DevART version

    Title: Lost and Confused
    Features: Ohtori Choutarou

    DevART version

    Hope you like them :)

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    You'll probably see ALOT of Rikkai fanarts from now on. They are starting to become my favorite school! (Sorry Hyotei)

    Title: Happiness
    Featuring: Niou and Yagyuu

    DevART link<---For more details. Please comment there if you have one! :)

    Title: Innocence
    Featuring: Yagyuu Hiroshi

    DevART link<---For more details. Please comment there if you have one! :)

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    It's been a while. All of these are worksafe. BUT...the images may be a bit on the big side. Not terribly big...but...somewhat. Just a heads up for Dial Up users :)


    Featuring: Marui Bunta

    DeviantART Link

    This fanart was for the 1000 hits @ my DeviantART account ^^;;

    Featuring: Yukimura Seiichi

    DeviantART Link

    Late X____X

    Featuring: Niou Masaharu and Yagyuu Hiroshi

    DeviantART Link

    I'll probably post more after this. School's been quite busy lately :P

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  • 04/26/09--11:11: BRB LOGGING IN~

    I have a new journal


    GO AND FRIEND THAT ONE because I won't be using this one anymore.

    Have a nice day.

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